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High-Low Frequency Electro Lymphatic Therapy
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Lymphatic System Disorders

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and a vital part of the immune system. It is responsible for collecting and moving toxins out of the body by activating the lymphatic system.

Radiant light energy around the cells of the body are known as negative ions. Cells in their most healthy state, are negatively charged allowing them to swim freely; and in this state are most profficient in the absorption of nutrients and oxygen.

Over time the body accumulates toxins from food, medication and the environment. The contamination in the body from toxins are responsible for the dissipation of the negative ions around the cells. This transformation of negative ion charged cells to positive ion charged cells causes the cells to become magnetically conjoined in mass; thus creating blockages and restricting the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body.

These conjoined cells have a tendency to cling to crevices in the bones such as joints and the spinal column; which creates stagnation of the cells leading to inflamation and pain.

How it Works

High Frequency Electro Lymphatic Therapy by Inspiration provides radiant light energy; activating the lymphatic system and placing the negative ion charge back around the cells. The cells are no longer conjoined and able absorb nutrients and oxygen. Cells move freely away from bone crevices and dead tissue is moved by the lymphatic fluid into the colon and eliminated. Inflammation and pain are reduced.

Vocalist Demonstration

Watch this demonstration video to see how
High Frequency Electro Lymphatic Therapy is applied by using Inspiration.The client in this video is a vocalist who testifies of the results of this therapy.

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