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High-Low Frequency Electro Lymphatic Therapy
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I have sought the help of doctors, ear specialist and both conventional and alternative medications to alleviate the pain, pressure, and vertigo that goes along with Menier’s disease; and to no avail. The Inspiration sessions, have been the first and only substantial and lasting relief. I believe that we, are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast possibilities that Inspiration has to offer in improving one’s physiology and wellbeing. 

Dr. James T. Potere, D.C.

I have chronic fatigue and ELT sessions relax my body and help me to handle toxins from my environment that I was not able to tolerate before. I am seriously considering purchasing one of these devices for my personal use.                     

SB Ohio

I was really afraid because I discovered a lump on the side of my breast. After one session the lump was gone, I am so relieved.               

RJ Ohio       

I’ve been having trouble with a bone spur in my heal. After one ELT treatment, I have been pain free for over 6 months.                     

KH Minnesota 

I suffer from hyper-tension. ELT sessions relax every part of my being.                  

HC Connecticut

I have had substantial success with Lymph edema stage 1 and 2 in my practice. My patients have had remarkable fluid reduction and their pain has been reduced. I also had great success working with a  young girl of 12 who had severe pain throughout her body, after contracting Mononucleosis.    

BT Connecticut